Insane identity- part 2

Meenadevi’s husband returned from gulf country for good. The day he was coming back, there were many relatives who gathered at their home. His old mother could not sleep the night before thinking what her gulf son is going to do here in Mumbai.

She did not share her fears with Daughter-in-law or nor other sons or daughters. Meenadevi continued her dabba business as usual. But her husband found it not easy to adjust with comfort living. He turned frequent visitor to bars of all kinds. His mom’s fears were right.  

Many Indian middle class wants the change in a day which hardly comes in a day, but years together. So, same way her son went through the cycle of lost identity, falling down, picking himself up, did the reality check and started tailoring. Grounded, his mom became happy, as they were from the tailoring family.

Meantime, wife is the one who stood rock-solid seeing all these developments. Most of the Indian women stay by the side of their husband in thick and thin like Meenadevi did.

Toast to all Indian women.

Published by Archana Gouthaman

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