Mom’s Tale

Turn left, chew four times

Turn right, swallow.

Turn right, crunch five times

Wink four, nod five.

Repeat, wave thrice after finish.

Batman took a morsel,

Chase him and gobble your tasty treat.

Spiderman sticks some pastry and makes it snowball like,

Rise up, chin straight, eat eat.

Go straight, then take a diversion to Italy,

Then Germany, meet a friend of yours!

Say a hello, by that time, fuel gets over!!

Alight, fill the fuel, advance here..

A big food ball in the name of neighborhood friend,

A small ball in the name of forgotten one,

Practice name recollection hence!

Take a cycle, go east,

Peep and spot who is smiling!!

Next a bus, later a cart

Bull cart is very slow, go by horse back.

Back pedal, is fuel still in?

If not, you are to go and meet grocery store person, take your scooter.

Keep all bags ready and let’s go in a jiffy.

Mom is learning each day and teaching all days!!

Stations, platforms, airports, village, known places, unknowns and countries,

Visit after visit, never ever stopping curiosity,

Take offs and getting back home, is thus a norm.

Published by Archana Gouthaman

It is always a pleasure and equally pleasant experience to write. Sharing these write-ups with friends brings happiness in many ways - getting comments is one way:) keep reading, keep smiling and keep living..

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