Ice cream party

Let the celebrations never come to end. During celebrations, there is joy everywhere. All positive energies come together and makes everyone the best.

One story told to Aashu:

There lived once a sweet little kid. He loved ice creams very much. Daily, he checks the refrigerator and takes one. His mom tries to keep the count for a week each time. One week, his little cousin sister came and finished the ice creams in a go!

With lots of arguing with his mom, he decided to venture to ice cream factory. He along with his cousin sister and his best friend guinea pig went to ‘Milky’ ice cream factory. There, they saw, strawberry tank, pista tank, vanilla tank and many  many more. Wow, what to do!! They were excited. Without a second thought, they jumped into the tank and started eating ice creams. His best friend, guinea pig, brought his friends from forest too.

Then came our jumbo elephant. He filled ice cream in his trunk, sprayed to all his friends and he too had a lot of mango icecream. Animal kingdom had a feast that day.

Plant manager saw all these merriments and kept one day a year for ice cream fair, both for kids and animal kingdom.

Our friend, with his cousin sister came out of the tank with a big stomach full of ice cream. Jumbo gave them lift till their home. Mom, could not believe the sight of seeing him drenched in icecream! Mom opened an icecream counter at home, so as they never run short of ice creams 🙂

Ice cream fair became a hit and many many Zoos participated in the same. Hence, for kids, its the time of the year to see animal kingdom having a big ice cream party. There are kept special stalls for kids, where-in, ice creams from various factories, from all over the world are served.

Guinea pig thus bonded kids and animal kingdom and stayed as the best friend forever….

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