Merit score

Raghav had a very sober brought up. Hence, just like any other 19/20th century folks, he too had tough time to catch up in life.  But he fought really hard to come to limelight. Here, limelight indicates he entered every field and completed each task with ‘ merit’.

But, living in the present is something Raghav missed. Each day he thinks what if world comes to an end tomorrow! ‘What if my son doesn’t turn up the way I wanted’, ‘uff what if people think I am from a sober background’. Thus these thoughts of Raghav gave him unhappy hiccups every now and then.

If the merit can do wonders, why can’t Raghav trust the same and live simply in the present? Many a times, the best judge for us is ourself and living in the present could be done by merit and merit only.  

Thus, there is no alternative to merit and thus merit score matters everywhere, be it job be it life 🙂

Published by Archana Gouthaman

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