Combined Study

It is a very funny episode to remember during btech study holidays. Me, Sujatha and Srividya were part of hindi speaking team.  Being good friends, Sujatha said let us study tomorrows Geotechnical Engineering together. Now, this is one of the tricky subject, where-in numericals are there in equal proportion to theory. That means you should […]


We all made the best group, as we all knew each other pretty well, being like minded. From the time we merged at base branch Mumbai, life started and thus the lessons too. Life in all its intricacies were offered to us by  Mumbai. No wonder people say ‘ I learnt a lot’. Same we […]

Hectic Life

Is it mismanagement of resources which makes my days hectic or is it a machine error which stop the ball rolling? Either you disregard the error and proceed or apply some oil and move smoothly. If you disregard, breakdown is certain. Better way is, stop, look around, see others – better to see normal beings […]

A journey never ends, but an end comes to a journey

Provided, you are ready to strike a new logic. ‘Karma, karma, karma’ a student sighs seeing a strict invigilator. ‘Karma, karma, karma’, a wife shudders at indifferent husband. Well, a child sees a new possibility in each ‘NO’ s. How? Applying a new logic instantly. A seconds thought would put you back on track, and […]