At the Mercy

We are at the mercy of nature
Tolls after tolls reminds us.
Heavy flood, high waves, shaky earth,shifting planes!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

Debris, inside it human, mostly dead!
One with nature or disrupted with it?
Taking stand not in favour!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

A world for human, separate planet space
Same as a world for ant,snake,monkey,leopard,elephant...
Sustaining with no food chain?!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

Tuning our lives with nature
Re-cycle and Re-use techniques, a better world.
Freeing space for Eco-system to build up,
Are we able to see it, clearly?!

Collective Consciousness

Stream stream silent fringe, frothing sojourn,

Mom Ant looks anticipated, eyes wide open and dry,

A leaf beneath her, sailing in a lull…

Agony on her face has a reason,

Plenty of small sailing leaves!

On those, tiny ants on their own!!

Mom Ant set a sigh of relief sometimes,

Concern, fear and uncertainty runs high!

Still hanging on her leaf, with eyes wide open and dry!!

River currents are a lullaby for few,

Some are looking hither tither!

Some sneaking forward,

Some in eclectic vogue, tilting leaves this way that way!

Some trying to flow at hushed steady pool,

Some trying to retract to Mom Ant!

Landing at safe earth is all her wish!!

Mom Ant always with hope but with caring uncertainty of Mom Earth!!

Mom earth beautiful, a big conscious ball!

Carrying so many souls inside,

A total disbelief as on Mom Ant’s eyes,

Just those flows are collective consciousness…


Alluring everyone daily, hourly, each minute/second,

It’s you.

Some claim to possess you for a second and live their entire life with that moment,

Craving for you never stops for rest.

Mundane jobs, routine make ups leaves a reality pressure.

And you are gone in a toss!!

Finance makes majority loose you forever!

But do you really feel pleasured seeing this fight?

Roughly, yes or no?!?

Cranky kids, tiring chores all disrupt your presence…

Look straight, face all hurdles

Then you rest in between two brows!!

Comforting and soothing…

Is it ‘let go’ you want us to practice?!

Are the trees an example to know your deep presence?

If yes, I am game…

Mom’s Tale

Turn left, chew four times

Turn right, swallow.

Turn right, crunch five times

Wink four, nod five.

Repeat, wave thrice after finish.

Batman took a morsel,

Chase him and gobble your tasty treat.

Spiderman sticks some pastry and makes it snowball like,

Rise up, chin straight, eat eat.

Go straight, then take a diversion to Italy,

Then Germany, meet a friend of yours!

Say a hello, by that time, fuel gets over!!

Alight, fill the fuel, advance here..

A big food ball in the name of neighborhood friend,

A small ball in the name of forgotten one,

Practice name recollection hence!

Take a cycle, go east,

Peep and spot who is smiling!!

Next a bus, later a cart

Bull cart is very slow, go by horse back.

Back pedal, is fuel still in?

If not, you are to go and meet grocery store person, take your scooter.

Keep all bags ready and let’s go in a jiffy.

Mom is learning each day and teaching all days!!

Stations, platforms, airports, village, known places, unknowns and countries,

Visit after visit, never ever stopping curiosity,

Take offs and getting back home, is thus a norm.

Granny with a Red Scarf

Her likes are less unlikes too many…

Little Red riding hood Granny, whom do you care?

Mumbles Jumbles bricks and bat,

Little Red riding hood Granny, please we need some love and care.

Scorching heat or Total downpour,

Little Red riding hood Granny, you place yourself straight.

Fisherman or Milkman or any known gets earful mostly,

Little Red riding hood Granny, they too need a break.

Goofy, plotting never rotting,

Little Red riding hood Granny, you Rock!


Will the wind shook the little drop?

Falling one after another from the edge of the roof.

Leaves of teak are nudging each other,

Calming it is, yet swaying in the spirited breeze,

Sky is waiting, so are coucals, magpies and cuckoos,

Clouds may form anytime,

It could rain anytime!

Let the leaves enjoy this moment,

Let it pour when they are wet already!

Let the tidings flutter out water.

Drops to fall one after another…

Rain would lead to splash and pour,

Wind, Rain, Drops and Birds set an orchestra for a lifetime.


If you can be yourself,

All the time, you have talent.

If you respect another human

Just as you need their respect, you have talent.

If a star shine for no reason,

You watch it with love, you have talent!!

If people around cause chaos

And if you still keep friendship, you’ve talent

If you can stitch the time

With beauty and integrity, you have talent.

If you can be happy…

Even if roof falls on your head, you have talent.

If you long for long, still survive

Never there is peace or love, you have talent.

If you know the pain today,

Yet there is smile for tomorrow, you have talent.

If you live for life…

Unrelenting, Unending and Undiminishing

You have talent.

All have that lift, why forgetting?

We all are talented and

It is just a matter of time.

A Migrant Heart

Why to hide now, why to feel shy, I cry

I am detached, yet I am attached to my soil…

My life is an open book

Everyone talks about me, but none cares

Is it the heat from my heart?

We tried sailing via rivers and sea

With just rubber tubes as support.

Our legs and hands, everyone needs

I asked river, ” Do you need my heart?”

River said ” Your heart is full of longing, I cannot take it !!”

Sea said ” A heart full of pain, I cannot sink it!!”

Sky is where you belong!!

You pledged all your body part to dependants…

Heart which is with nature,

Seen the pleasure and pain

Is very heavy now…

Will you let me dignity!

Will you let me some place of my own!

May be I could leave the burden of my heart…

River and sea along with sky could share it too.

My heart is immobile, stuck to longing for homeland…

And for my part of nature.

I left it, so that I could see it again on my way back

Now, with this much suffering, hardly I can see the shore nearing…

I am giving up my country

I am giving up to you

To decide, which way to go

So that I’m home

So that the heaviness just slips away…

A migrant heart needs love and care

Shower O rain, wash away my pain…


Do you believe you are lucky?

If yes, you are!

There is no somersault

There isn’t any catapult

It is your belief which makes you fortunate

Once a child carried a heavy box on his head

He got tired in the hot sun.

People around sneered and sneered

He was in his own melody and reached his main way…

Continued living as per his terms.

On the day of consequence

People called him lucky!

We are what we want ourselves to be,

Let there be light or darkness

Lead a path of hardwork, perseverance and penance

And luck is yours…


Only entity which breaths along

Never leaving your side

Is time.

Precious it is for the same reason…

A constant watchman

A constant friend

Time is all we have…

They say, “my time will come”

Body guard will be thrown in action

Along with our soul, it is the only companion…

Does it talk?

My time with your time?!

Sure, it does!

Overlapping of events, joy and sorrow

Simultaneous events, time is the messenger…

Only measurable reality is time

That way we saw various era

And going on, we will see too!

Pre-mature it may seem

I am with Enrique!

“it’s only time (love) and time (love) is all I’ve to take your heart away”

Love is time!

Yes, read backwards 🙂