At the Mercy

We are at the mercy of nature
Tolls after tolls reminds us.
Heavy flood, high waves, shaky earth,shifting planes!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

Debris, inside it human, mostly dead!
One with nature or disrupted with it?
Taking stand not in favour!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

A world for human, separate planet space
Same as a world for ant,snake,monkey,leopard,elephant...
Sustaining with no food chain?!
Yet we fail to see it, clearly!

Tuning our lives with nature
Re-cycle and Re-use techniques, a better world.
Freeing space for Eco-system to build up,
Are we able to see it, clearly?!

Published by Archana Gouthaman

It is always a pleasure and equally pleasant experience to write. Sharing these write-ups with friends brings happiness in many ways - getting comments is one way:) keep reading, keep smiling and keep living..

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