Do you believe you are lucky? If yes, you are! There is no somersault There isn’t any catapult It is your belief which makes you fortunate Once a child carried a heavy box on his head He got tired in the hot sun. People around sneered and sneered He was in his own melody and […]


Only entity which breaths along Never leaving your side Is time. Precious it is for the same reason… A constant watchman A constant friend Time is all we have… They say, “my time will come” Body guard will be thrown in action Along with our soul, it is the only companion… Does it talk? My […]

Crazy Corona

The ball started rolling, Earth with rotation and revolution, Developed some spikes and Transformed to Miss Corona. The green and blue look of mom earth Looked so peaceful and happy!! Symbol of perseverance is what mom earth was! Miss corona look isn’t suiting it! Just a species homosapiens are But overtook any other! Collective conscious […]