publicly private

Ever wondered seeing Google’s efforts for us? “Today is your interview at 3 p.m”. Location finder automatically locates the place. ¬†Click Google map, ” heavy traffic take xyz route instead”. Suggested “Try ola or meru”. ” Today is pqrs’s birthday, wish him/her”. Google is kind of bridging the gap. “Parent teacher meeting on Saturday, only […]


Pain has tentacles. It begins from heart, churn the blood and then reinforces each cell as these tentacles divides each milli second. This is not the medical version but the emotional version which is far easy to explain. So, does pain helps? Yes, it do. How? These tentacles have the power to transcend conscious and […]


Sometimes, a mother’s touch is enough to make a day. Sometimes, a listening father is enough. But there are times, we are left with none! Our own reflection will be the only one with us. That moment is very precious as you are your own support. Reflect someone good Reflect someone wise Reflect someone kind […]