Be here

I was reading one of the articles which asked to reduce the human imprint on earth to protect earth. Evolution happened and thus we came after Neanderthals and Cromagnons. Same with other species like birds and animals. Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest applied, human imprint stayed and staying and will stay (no offense to […]


In mathematics, absolute indicates a value which is always positive. Suppose, we apply the same everywhere possible, be at any stage or state of life! Literally it works. But practically, we cannot ignore the comparison operators. Each time, less than or greater than diminishes or increases current absolute value by this same phenomenon called ‘comparison’. […]

Sustain Us

A fisherman and his family lived close by a coast. Daily, the fisherman goes to sea and gets enough to sell and remaining for him and his family. This continued for years and everyone was happy. They worshipped sea goddess and sea goddess took care of their needs. But one fine day, fatigue/boredom happened to […]