Yesterday is born from today It is to see whether today we remember yesterday Those unfading sweet smiles leaves an unfading memory Any gesture of kindness hooks us through eternity Living a happy life is always a shadow of yesterday Yesterday is priceless so is today Because yesterday is born from today


Manifestation of simple living is bringing people together! Each live in their sphere simply, no ties no worries no expectations and no pains….But when each person get inter related, a superficial manifestation happens to self. This aura of super-self need to be studied in detail. It compares, judges and measures all aspects of each other. […]


That which stays in our thoughts for long time have some significance. What we can do is introspect, question it, turn the page again and again and lastly, not the least, meditate on the same. At the end, we get freedom from the same repeated thoughts. Many a times, solution gets marred in our thought […]