There is this time of season, when everything comes to a standstill. A writer’s incapacity to write.

A haggard way persists. He tries to walk along right side of road, but he is still at the centre of road. Now, even if he tries to move right, some external force push him back. A perfect hallucination!!!

He keeps wondering how to take right, and then, rain comes. After the rain, sky and mud colours change. Branches of trees are seen fallen everywhere. Flowers drenched in water are thinking this was what it wanted, or was better to stay on branches??!! Writer sees poem in those flowers.

Vaguely, a distant cry of bird is heard. But NO, it is near, just saw it on the tree! It was conveying something. Writer perspires.

A definite way keeps sliding hither wither. He holds on to a tree. What! A snake pod!!!

Writer takes his pen and starts writing….

Published by Archana Gouthaman

It is always a pleasure and equally pleasant experience to write. Sharing these write-ups with friends brings happiness in many ways - getting comments is one way:) keep reading, keep smiling and keep living..

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