Once there lived a crow. It has all the people who considered it as god crow and not scary crow, because it had a bulged head. So, this bulged head crow (let’s name it bulgy) has a routine too! Getting up early morning, knocking village priest’s door and then waiting near sanctum sanctorum. People who […]

Fade away

Good memories, you stay You are bringing glittering happiness Fade away the events which has less to do with happiness. Let it be forgotten and forgiven and fade away Fade away prejudices, let the strength gained stay Fade away partialities, let the equality learnt stay Fade away arrogance, let the kindness stay closely Fade away […]


All acts of violence is cowardice Never accept it as your fate. It is the hollow which hardly see oneness If it hurts you, it hurts others too! The thought of oneness is universal. If oneness is taken by all as their mode of living, Violence, hatred, crime can be awashed from the universe. Religion, […]