Simplicity ( travelogue – part 3)

I never thought, I will ever be able to get wide perspective of life, as the life at hometown was quite simple. Though the same simplicity I kept searching elsewhere.

But, types of people vary,that is what I learnt in my journey from Thalassery to Palakkad to Chennai to US to Bangalore. That is, culture varies. But seeing all cultures, one becomes very accommodating. For example, I understand the commitment of an individual towards life clearly, be it from any place. Nothing is a barrier , language, religion, caste and the list goes on.

Well, coming back to the life at TLY, hospitality is something which one gets glued to. For business needs, one Chettiyaar used to come at our place. He used to teach us Tamil letters in his spare time. The way his needs were taken care of by my grandparents, showed a lot of positivity. It took me so very long to understand the concept of hospitality! Caring for others was the subtle message which I missed out. Well, all that ends well is good:)

So, there are experiences in life which teaches wonders. Taking an effort to understand and apply the same makes life simple. Thus simplicity becomes part of living….

Have a great week ahead..

Published by Archana Gouthaman

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