Crazy Corona

The ball started rolling,

Earth with rotation and revolution,

Developed some spikes and

Transformed to Miss Corona.

The green and blue look of mom earth

Looked so peaceful and happy!!

Symbol of perseverance is what mom earth was!

Miss corona look isn’t suiting it!

Just a species homosapiens are

But overtook any other!

Collective conscious too had a scale,

That scale stopped scaling long back!

Currency only mattered,

Standard of living overtook concious and subconscious,

Nation to nation showed off their might,

But everyone existed in this earth only!!

Crazy Corona eats everyone!mostly us humans,

Be any land, riches, grade,power, powerless…

All activities of human are stopped..

So that Miss Corona forget us..

Forgetfulness and forgiveness may work

Let’s pray so…

A strong Equalizer, Miss Corona, hope you spare us before it is too late..

We learn very fast, we are intelligent

Now, please leave us ,

For we keep the promise to

Bring back green and blue earth…

Nature’s Vigil


Corner of the ceiling in the porch

In the dark night, some movements

And when we watch, there is a frantic fly by you

This is to show you fear us or we should fear you!!

Anyways, your trajectory is so random that we get frightened..

This is a movement like lawyer’s coat in a wind

Is it a flight for truth or lie?!

Like a crow, in the morning

Alert every second!!

At night you?? Or are you blind?!

But lens of your eyes shine!

Why this Secrecy nature set in you?!

Some try to conquer nature’s plot and they pay by their life

This is seen in the present time,

When Corona virus from that corner gave an answer…


We are the same


A small child with Rs 5 in his hand questionably looked through and said..

We are not different!

He was running to buy a biscuit.

Hunger makes us the same!

Rough torned blanket clad lady sitting on the footpath

Grinned and blessed, touched pashmina she wore

Quality is catchy, but

Warmth makes us the same!

We are not different!

See through eyes,

Our soul commands…

Love and happiness is each soul’s decree

Run over job types, external appearance, degrees; churn your heart

All humans are the same!



A Meaningful Friend

Sometimes you get a name Idiot, yes idiot box

Very few know, it is inexperience…

There were times you helped coping with loneliness,

There were times you were better world than outside world.

Changing our moods just by clicking,

You brought us back to life.

Very few know, you are a worthy companion

Ages and years have gone by,

People came and many left too!

You too changed from being a box to a flat screen!

Home is home just because of you,

You are an unmissable family member now!

In various chapters of life, you put continuity

Entire world is glued to you, be it game ,fame or drama!

Television you are a meaningful friend in this journey…





Way of God

No one counts the face in agony

Or are there people with real emotions?

Who see inside and see a sea full of tears?

We are all born to sustain

Not forever, but for a given lapse

It’s the one who makes use of it unwavering, loving this life and dreams prosper

Pin pricked deeply wrenched inside the heart

Stay there, else we will forget who matters in this balanced state

One who stays sane needs applause, courage and well wishes

He is his own person, be it thunder or lightening, earthing is done by nature

Calming his nerves and his soul, he is writing in full threshold

There isn’t anyone who has a take on his way,

Cause his way is that of God…


Inch by inch follow and mass movement is born. Newton sat alone and mankind followed.

Two are two different phenomena.

Being in first, energy and outcome is fast. Later is a laid back approach which works out slowly and then in lightening speed, it impacts everywhere.

Managerial tasks are to see crowd and crowd puller approaches. Crowd need synergy for which a crowd puller need to be thoughtful and usher a positive impact like light.

Where there is light, crowd looks bright. And bright crowds are more functional as synergy with thoughts are leading them.

Hence we need both Newton and followers.

New Gen!

Abundant energy towards creativity,

Effortless as it is for mother Earth.

Bright beaming countenance,

It is the torch which you uphold.

Never tiring, mending ways,

Smoothly as it is by queen rivers.

Eager to learn,

Yes, that is what a disciple of nature ought to be.

Coining new turns, counting all on your way,

I see a surge of volunteers, unlike earlier!

For whom world is one family (as has been said in vasudeva kudumbakam)

Breaking all ceilings of ignorance, atrocities

Bringing better world to all

Thus beautiful life to many…



Ignited Mind


No name nor fame

No bond no firm

Nothing affects you…

In you there are sparks

All ignited, world is yet to know

No university Nor school

No game Nor plan

Love inside pumps in,

Cause to live moves on,

No mother nor father

No child nor husband

Long way ahead, may be steep may be stride

Glory of god show the way

No believers nor distractors

No fathom no fatality

Path is all set for an eventual victory

Heart is flowered with so many red roses

No wants nor greed

No desires nor need

It is the path to supremacy, salvation

To give in entirety to service of the needy…



Relations could be made stronger

But, for that, each one of us has to be real!

A masked face could hardly know real relations

Games played, pains given, scale gets tarnished…

On a clean slate how much ever we can write neatly,

Clogged river, there isn’t a streamline flow..

Your yesterday always questions your today if you are not fair/clean

Then living is conditional…