Nostalgia always lives

Though people say, each day is a new beginning, in reality, each day is a continuation of previous day. Thus, with changing times, nostalgia creeps in from each nook and corner of , you name the object.

My grandma’s vessels takes me back to that era. The days spent in her care. Those are part of me and will never leave me.

A baby socks or cap, takes me back to my daughter’s initial years, this too would never leave me.

Another facet is trees, those big banyan trees, mango trees still brings back the time we friends used to comment on ‘ how beautiful its leaves are, how its glittering’. I guess, nanditha and jubitha can recall those days.

Rains are another theme. Various types of rain I had seen. Mumbai rains, non-stop Kerala rains,  New York showers,  Bangalore days and yes most traditional city Chennai rains. All are associated with life and thus Nostalgic.

A journey never ends, but an end comes to a journey

Provided, you are ready to strike a new logic.

‘Karma, karma, karma’ a student sighs seeing a strict invigilator.

‘Karma, karma, karma’, a wife shudders at indifferent husband.

Well, a child sees a new possibility in each ‘NO’ s. How? Applying a new logic instantly. A seconds thought would put you back on track, and the journey continues.