Z & Z

Start from Z and end with Z

There is Z in anything and anywhere!

Beginning with an end is not positive

But there is “Z” in anytime and anyplace

‘Z’ defines your grit, ‘Z’ only defines how you reach ‘Z’…

Space between Z & Z,


or courage?

or wisdom?

or luck?

There is a fine chain woven from Z to Z

Beads are there or not?

Machine made can do away with beads

But too simple, ain’t it?

Hyperbolic spheroid beads have so much!

Ups downs curves and valley, sometimes

Cyclic moves from Z to Z, Z reaches, you hardly know!!


No:1 in the game

Path is not clear, let me take the lantern and show the way

For I want to be No:1 in my game

Back of you, there are many who aren’t getting even the light of your torch!

Let them fall in the pit, hit on the wall, stampede break out, I’m leading with the torch…

For I want to be No:1 in my world in my own way

All are having 24/7 a day,

I prefer to be a horse with blind eyes on sides, as I’ve very less time…

Battery gets over a lap or two, bewildered I turned around!!

Not even my shadow! what will I do?!

No one else than me and an iron torch!

Should I hit it on the wall or on my head and leave

Starting the walk again to the place where I started..

No one else except me!

No:1 costs much, leaves me with only me !

A broken myth

A broken myth leaves a barren world with an understood state

It comes as a storm, shatters beliefs which really didn’t have any meaning

Storm though was far from normal, as it had all that is needed to completely trash or thrash

A new world again emerges, in time, fully, at various seasons

It is human to be controlled, again new myths, new laws

Alas, as nature, as flowers blooms and withers,

In real, human blooms and withers….


Then, there is a den, Yes inside the forest!

A strange anomaly, where, more is less and less is more!!!

More the talent, less the number

Less the talent, more the number!!!

Den has so many smaller dens,

Some big, some small.

Huku saint counted numbers, years apart

Making some marks, here and there

On black stone mountain…

Saint got liberation from den world

Huku’s son started counting from then on..

He chose another mountain, kept engraving some numbers.

Years passed…..Huku’s son’s son’s son came.

Well, more is less and less is more anomaly continued…

Number of sons increased but no conclusion!

Day came, a small girl came around,

Found various mountains with so much written,

Saw the forest and den and wrote..

“Goodness” , anomaly blasted!!

More is less and less is more, she wrote…


View from Top

Only a single spread

Zero orientation, no variety!

Me or anyone, no difference.

Creation has to deal with each other, best or worse,

View from top, only a single spread.

Separatists fight, secular unite

It is the blurring which is less,

Go closer, we can see fraction

Still closer, see atoms and protons.

View from top, only a single spread

Aerial view has more to do with pleasant journey.

No barriers and only peacefull results..

Saint Plant

We all have this plant,

Always bright, always serene

Inside, deep inside it is intact!

Happenings outside have no pick on the ambience inside

Saint plant, our soul saint plant.

A blissful light around,

Each leaf tender and render an enchanting aura

We see the light and live on…

A silent image so pure so full of life!

Saint plant, our soul, immortal indeed…

An Empty Nest

Time comes when there comes so much time and so much silence

Silence has key to many treasures; wtitten-unwritten, spoken-unspoken

How an empty nest look? In waiting or abandoned?!

A beggar stands below flyover, once there were only trees where he used to rest

No more his nest, nor safe

An uneasy sight for police and people, who are new to this place

Once only him and his empty bowl with an empty mind was there…

Looks defy and so the inner chapter across!

Watch, measure and learn the depth…

A short story once told, has its continuation, after sometime, unexpectedly

Same way rainforest of yesterday changing to developments of today..

What beggar could do? He belongs to this land, this place!

Do not shoo, see the littleness of life,

It is just a matter of time, he will have the last laugh…

An Empty nest




Floating tables, floating cars, floating fridges,

Flood showed it’s fury, topsy-turvy and non entry to even God’s home!

Where will we go? Do we degrade like others, animals and plants?

Human kept his hand on head, where to go, which direction to swim, unending wrath!!

Non-stop tick-ticking brain gave up, no more needed

A much higher water pressure will sink it too..

God send messengers came along, give your hand to them, reach shore

So many helping hands to pull back to life at shore

I need only this, I need only this..

A joyful cry of not let alone

A heartful hug saying everything will be fine

All unknown people, but all like one!

This is life, this is living,

I cried in ecstasy… almighty you are with us…