Combined Study

It is a very funny episode to remember during btech study holidays. Me, Sujatha and Srividya were part of hindi speaking team. ┬áBeing good friends, Sujatha said let us study tomorrows Geotechnical Engineering together. Now, this is one of the tricky subject, where-in numericals are there in equal proportion to theory. That means you should have some time meant for numericals, some for ‘ruttafication’,yes theory. And still more time for question paper solving.

To decide about combined study at vee hour was the first catch miss. So we may rush up without proper hold on any topic.

For Sujatha, word given was more important and for me to complete all these tasks in nearly 4 hours looked bleak if we go ahead with combined study. We fought and it was fultu tearful day for Sujatha, I am sorry for that as for me all letters turn Greek and Latin after 9. And for her study starts at 9.

Hence, what I understood is, combined study team should be planned much in advance and a charter plan should be in place. Like, the order of numericals, ‘ruttafication’ hours and question paper solving hour. Moreover, early birds and night birds should be in two different groups.

Dedicating to my sweetest friend Sujatha.

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