Crazy Corona

The ball started rolling, Earth with rotation and revolution, Developed some spikes and Transformed to Miss Corona. The green and blue look of mom earth Looked so peaceful and happy!! Symbol of perseverance is what mom earth was! Miss corona look isn’t suiting it! Just a species homosapiens are But overtook any other! Collective conscious […]


Inch by inch follow and mass movement is born. Newton sat alone and mankind followed. Two are two different phenomena. Being in first, energy and outcome is fast. Later is a laid back approach which works out slowly and then in lightening speed, it impacts everywhere. Managerial tasks are to see crowd and crowd puller […]

New Gen!

Abundant energy towards creativity, Effortless as it is for mother Earth. Bright beaming countenance, It is the torch which you uphold. Never tiring, mending ways, Smoothly as it is by queen rivers. Eager to learn, Yes, that is what a disciple of nature ought to be. Coining new turns, counting all on your way, I […]