Nature’s Vigil


Corner of the ceiling in the porch

In the dark night, some movements

And when we watch, there is a frantic fly by you

This is to show you fear us or we should fear you!!

Anyways, your trajectory is so random that we get frightened..

This is a movement like lawyer’s coat in a wind

Is it a flight for truth or lie?!

Like a crow, in the morning

Alert every second!!

At night you?? Or are you blind?!

But lens of your eyes shine!

Why this Secrecy nature set in you?!

Some try to conquer nature’s plot and they pay by their life

This is seen in the present time,

When Corona virus from that corner gave an answer…


Published by Archana Gouthaman

It is always a pleasure and equally pleasant experience to write. Sharing these write-ups with friends brings happiness in many ways - getting comments is one way:) keep reading, keep smiling and keep living..

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