White tiger Vs Orange tiger

This is story of jellies which all kids like♥ A story told to my dearest little one when she was cranky to get up one fine week day♥

Story of tigers♣

      One day little rupa wasn’t getting up to go for school. In that village, there was a white tiger who comes in search for kids who are late to wake up. Seeing white tiger, rupa got up and tiger told her to follow him. There was one orange tiger too who was watching all these and he wanted to know what is white tiger’s plan.

He could not believe his eyes! Inside the forest there were lots of big jars and white tiger opened one jar and showed Rupa. There were glittering jellys. She had never seen orange glittering jelly and she ate one after other and it was so tasty that she danced with joy. Orange tiger got angry as white tiger did not invite him to see jellys. So he pushed a jar full of jelly and the jar broke!

White tiger called orange tiger and asked him to taste a green jelly in another jar. He did so and it was a bittergourd jelly! He couldn’t take the bitterness and started jumping this way that way. Rupa saw his acts and started laughing non-stop.

Thus white tiger taught orange tiger a lesson for breaking the jar.

Meantime, Rupa had called her best friend Guinea pig and he too loved all jellys very much. But he asked white tiger not to give anybody bittergourd jelly even if it is as naughty as orange tiger.

White tiger and orange tiger said sorry to each other and took Rupa back to her home.

Rupa described her jelly tour to her parents and promised her mom never she would be late to wake up on week days.

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