Samyak and Sthuthya ( vice-versa)

These are two beautiful gems who came to our life and brought happiness. They have credits of being the first twins and first set of fourth generation. Hence, they are very very special for each one of us.

The time spent with SS watching butterflies still remain clear in my mind. The patience in watching and great listenining capacity made them the best. They have many friends so close to them now and then.

There are infinite memories and many many more to come. One among is their courageous journey, when they were three years of age. They came holding their hands  together without parents from Dubai to India. First time we came to know Marhaba system to assist small kids to reach their destination.

Their likes and dislikes are given much importance,  as priorities of job changed for each one of us. They were the central point of any decision. Now, after so many years, they are grown up. The individuals they have become is par excellent.

You both gave us reason to move forward and now when you have turned a year older, we pray to see you more and more enriched year after year.

Dedicating to my lovely first kids, Sthu n Sam.

Published by Archana Gouthaman

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