Parrot and the Lion

This was one among the short story I tell Aashu.

A Lion in a forest started behaving very childish. Eventhough, zebra and hippo respected him, they couldn’t empathize much. For them, a lion should be behaving like a king and not lesser than that.

Lion got dejected and fled to another kingdom. There he saw the real lion who pounced on prey and eat it at no time. Still it couldn’t get his vigour. Then came tiger, a ferocious one, but wiser. He suggested lion to go and meet Parrot. It was the oldest member in the forest who can guide him to be a success. Lion gave it a thought and searched and met Parrot.

Meantime, tiger had sent his lion to bichara lion’s kingdom.┬áThe ruthlessness of new king made all members to yearn for their kind king. There, our lion got essence of becoming a good king from Parrot. New forest invited him to become king. But our king wanted to be back to his place.

Thus he came back to his kingdom wanted. His friends zebra and hippo thus again became happy.

Ferocious lion kept its ferocity, disliked by all. And his kingdom members joined our elite lions kingdom and all lived happily.

Turningpoint is lion meeting Parrot or lion deciding to search for an answer?


Published by Archana Gouthaman

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