Rain ( travelogue – part 2)

Journey never ends, it moves from part 1 to part 2.

Behind each house there was a kaccha pathway for all people to reach the road which connects to the NH, and this is also the rain water-way during monsoon.

As I told, various kinds of water bodies as it is a super rich rainfall in Kerala during monsoon. Hence, all pods and dens gets clogged with water and snakes starts swimming, I wonder how squirrels managed and crows too!! Well, people with umbrella becomes common sight. Umbrella industry flourished for the same reason.

Greenary is in its best during monsoon. We can see all leaves shining, cleansed with water and is glowing. Water level in wells increases and the fishes in wells are always seen happy during monsoons. May be they are all enjoying the blessings of god!

Fun was, falling of mangoes due to heavy wind preceding the rain. Whoever comes through the pathway gets the share from the tree.  I understood, trees are never partial. They are the most giving and enduring ones.

Well, we need more parts to read on. Will be continuing in the next part. It is yet another monsoon in India, let all of us knit some beautiful stories…..yes, in/of life.

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