organic vs inorganic

Bangalore is going to be a dead city and then its already dead revelation brings all growth tags it received to fade.

Let’s try to distinguish various kinds of growth.


When we live close to earth, we get what we need from earth. Earth and thus soil has some kind of power to keep anyone who cares about it grounded. Bring a pot of plant and see the change in you. Hence if we construct a structure which makes each person to interact with earth, the individual as well as development turns organic.


Human beings are viruses on earth! Again another revelation!! But cannot agree more, the way multistoreyed buildings, which are concrete jungles come all over and no sight of earthly matters! And what happened to the thoughts of individuals, they too turn inorganic, their lifestyle turns inorganic, the way they treat earth becomes inorganic, the way they treat each other turns inorganic!!

Where to put an end? Stop inorganic development. How?  Go back to vedic times! Live so as basic necessities are fulfilled! Will it not be a sudden change!?

Transition should happen from inorganic to organic in a faster pace. We will be discussing it in part 2 with the same caption…


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