Appreciate like Gui Mam

Each one of us loves to be appreciated. But, often,  we forgetfully or deliberately avoids doing so.

Long long years back, there was a teacher named Gui. She was a Major’s wife and was working at army school. This wing of school handled only kindergarten students. When you enter the school, it was variety of beautiful flowers which steal your attention. One corner was meant for play area where you can see merry-go-round, see-saw, slides, horse and maze too. Classrooms were designed in such a way that, when we look outside, we see the garden.

Well, Gui Mam connected with each kid uniquely. Yes, each kid is unique. “So is each employee”. Academic sessions were learning through fun. Most of the times its playing along with flowers or at play area. Meantime, teacher understand the psyche of each kid. Pencils, eraser and sharpener became inseparable friends to us. The warmth in which we were trained still remains with us.

Now, report card time. That is performance rating time. Mam, with keen observation had set the categories kid based. Hence, all were having extra ordinary skills as per her evaluation. I remember one cartoon where-in elephant, fish, monkey all are evaluated based on same guideline. This joke was for the current day evaluation. Each employee has unique skills, which fits appropriately if they are appreciated as extra ordinary. Appreciation builds up a person and the tasks she/he does becomes exemplary.

Hence, dear all, let us appreciate like Gui Mam. I cherish each moment I spent with my dearest Mam. Saluting for those extra ordinary review.

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