An Empty Nest

Time comes when there comes so much time and so much silence

Silence has key to many treasures; wtitten-unwritten, spoken-unspoken

How an empty nest look? In waiting or abandoned?!

A beggar stands below flyover, once there were only trees where he used to rest

No more his nest, nor safe

An uneasy sight for police and people, who are new to this place

Once only him and his empty bowl with an empty mind was there…

Looks defy and so the inner chapter across!

Watch, measure and learn the depth…

A short story once told, has its continuation, after sometime, unexpectedly

Same way rainforest of yesterday changing to developments of today..

What beggar could do? He belongs to this land, this place!

Do not shoo, see the littleness of life,

It is just a matter of time, he will have the last laugh…

An Empty nest



Published by Archana Gouthaman

It is always a pleasure and equally pleasant experience to write. Sharing these write-ups with friends brings happiness in many ways - getting comments is one way:) keep reading, keep smiling and keep living..

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